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Michot’s Melody Makers, “Blood Moon” (Sinking City Records)

Not since the madmen of Fat Possum Records got Tom Rothrock (engineer of Beck’s early recordings) to remix R.L. Burnside’s Hill Country blues-drone on Come On In has someone so […]

Sabertooth Swing, “Extinct Possibilities” (Independent)

There are those in the traditional jazz world who maintain a dogged adherence to historical accuracy, and then there are those who throw tradition out the window. Sabertooth Swing belongs […]

Gal Holiday, “Lost & Found” (HTRP Music)

There’s a slight rebranding here, with the artist formerly known as Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue now simply billed as Gal Holiday. It’s an artistic shift, and other […]

Joyful, “Sanctified Soul” (Rampart Street Music)

Paul Simon’s moving “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” a huge hit for him and his creative partner Art Garfunkel in 1970, opens veteran New Orleans gospel group Joyful’s Sanctified Soul. Symbolically […]

Dave James, “Used Records” (Independent)

Dave James’ Used Records is an unusual amalgamation of musical styles that combines acerbic wit and a wry sense of humor. Interspersed throughout are three short instrumental passages that keep […]

Robert Walter’s 20th Congress, “Spacesuit” (Royal Potato Family)

Considering the name of the album, Spacesuit, and the musicians involved—organist/multi-keyboardist Robert Walter, drummer Simon Lott, guitarist Chris Alford and bassist Victor Little plus percussionist Mike Dillon—one can anticipate progressively […]

Leftover Salmon, “Something Higher” (LoS Records)

Once the galaxy’s purveyor of “Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass,” the Colorado-based Leftover Salmon has evolved light years beyond its 1989 bluegrass-rooted inception to become one of the most spirited, jovial bands […]

Ever More Nest, “The Place That You Call Home” (Parish Road Music)

With this album, local songwriter Kelcy Mae Wilburn fully embraces the Nashville sound—which is to say the “other” Nashville sound, not slick pop country but fully produced, acoustic-based Americana. It’s […]

Book Review: Homage to Bill Russell and the New Orleans Jazz Revival (Equinox Publishing)

How can anyone review this masterpiece? Based on interviews conducted in 1990 by Ray Smith and Mike Pointon, it was originally intended for a BBC radio series, but with the […]

Eric Lindell, Revolution In Your Heart (Alligator Records)

Eric Lindell’s return to Chicago’s Alligator Records finds him in a soulful state of mind. Most of Revolution in Your Heart pursues a lively neo-soul tract, with Lindell referencing 1960s […]