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Jamaican Me Breakfast Club, “Brewed in New Orleans” (Independent)

Reggae-infused popular music has it precedents. Think Dread Zeppelin taking on the rock gods of Led Zeppelin or the Easy Star All-Stars with a full reenactment of Pink Floyd’s Dark […]

Brass-A-Holics, “Word on the Street” (Independent)

The Brass-A-Holics is a well-oiled machine running red hot. Throughout Word on the Street, which was recorded live at the Blue Nile, the attention given to the horn arrangements is […]

Roderick Paulin, “Slow But Steady” (Independent)

When asked who’s on saxophonist Roderick Paulin’s new release, Slow But Steady, the immediate response might be “everybody.” More accurately, a ton of primarily veteran artists who make up today’s […]

Tony Seville and the Cadillacs, “Vale La Pena” (Mahogany Jazz Records)

There’s something about this album that makes me want to sip on a cocktail—it has a smooth, lounge-y feel. Tony Seville started playing music professionally in the mid ’60s. He […]

Lil Bob and the Lollipops, “Sweet Soul Swinger… & The Jin Singles” (Jin)

File this one in the category of Bayou Soul. Opelousas’ Camille “Lil” Bob was a singer/drummer whose horn-laden band worked the South Louisiana club/prom circuit, often playing seven nights a […]

Jason Ricci & the Bad Kind, “Approved By Snakes” (Ellersoul Records)

It’s a small wonder that Jason Ricci decided to put a coiled snake on the cover of his latest release. The best songs on the veteran bluesman’s new album, his […]

Ann Savoy “Ann Savoy Plays the Music of Cleoma Falcon” (Independent)

Throughout her career, Cajun renaissance woman Ann Savoy has championed Cleoma Breaux Falcon, who recorded the genre’s first song, “Allons à Lafayette,” with husband Joe Falcon in 1928. As time […]

Juju Child, “The Power of Me” (Independent)

There are good impressionists and there are good comedians. While both came up aping the stars of their youth, learning the routines and mannerisms of their favorite famous folks, only […]

Garth Alper, “Stratus” (Independent)

The fourteenth century maxim “familiarity breeds contempt” has nothing at all to do with jazz. In the best circumstances, the situation is quite the opposite. This session, by University of […]

Smithfield Fair, “Evermore” (Stevenson Productions)

Groups enduring 40 years and 31 albums together aren’t supposed to sound this invigorated. But as evidenced here, Baton Rouge’s Smithfield Fair does so by pushing its craft forward and […]