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Zachary Richard, “Gombo” (RZ Records)

A masterful storyteller, Zachary Richard paints a picture every bit as textured, vibrant and full of emotion as any Van Gogh masterpiece. And speaking of masterpieces, Richard is building a […]

Zoukeys, “Senzorga” (Speak Jolly)

You’d expect a New Orleans fusion band to be eclectic, and Zoukeys are just a little more so. The five songs on their debut EP include a taste of progressive […]

Creole United, “Tu Kekchause A’ Korrek: Volume II” (Zydekool Music)

As Sean Ardoin will proudly attest, Creole United is not a band but a movement to unite Creole artists, create new material merging the old and new and incorporate the […]

Mitch Woods, “Friends Along the Way” (eOne)

Pianist Mitch Woods has always found creative ways to maximize the interest level he brings to recordings, mixing good studio concepts with some unique live settings, including his longstanding gig […]

The Malvinas, “God Bless the Grass” (Soona Songs)

It’s not easy being a folk trio when your furthest members, Breaux Bridge resident Gina Forsyth and Canadian Beth Cahill, live 1,650 miles apart (in between is Texas refugee Lisa […]

Mark Rubin, Jew of Oklahoma, “Songs for the Hangman’s Daughter” (Independent)

To live in New Orleans is to master the art of juggling. On the one hand, that’s a great thing. Residents fighting to keep various food traditions from hitting the […]

DiNola, “Up High” (Saustex)

You can’t say too much about a disc whose best song is called “Shut Up,” and DiNola are the type of band that you’d rather just play really loud. Led […]

Willem & Dakota, “Basically, Anyway” (Independent)

Willem & Dakota’s Basically, Anyway is a slightly addictive, sometimes haunting, always hopeful 14 song CD. The band is Willem McCormick on guitar, bass and vocals; Dakota Emerson on vocals […]

Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble, “Rise Up” (Louisiana Soul Records)

If some of these tunes sound vaguely familiar, there’s good reason. Only five tracks on Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble’s fifth CD are new; the rest (“Country Boy,” “Zydeco Cutie,” […]

Mighty Brother, “The Vibe” (Independent)

Taking inspirational cues from the Crescent City, Mighty Brother’s five-song five-piece line-up EP The Vibe showcases the band’s musical adaptability, songwriting skills and grasp of putting it all together. The […]