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Lawrence Sieberth, Musique Visuelle: Music for Piano Trio and Orchestra (Musik Blöc)

Lawrence Sieberth ’s Musique Visuelle: Music for Piano Trio and Orchestra is a gargantuan endeavor, rich with emotion and densely layered. Calling it cinematic would be too easy, but since […]

Mike Zito & Friends, Rock & Roll: A Tribute to Chuck Berry (Ruf Records)

Mike Zito & Friends: Loose and Lively   You can never have too much Chuck Berry in your collection. But a quick glance at the credits of this tribute album […]

Michael Doucet avec Lâcher Prise, Lâcher Prise (Compass Records)

BeauSoleil’s fiddlin’ frontman Michael Doucet admits he’s at the point in his life where he can do whatever the hell he wants, hence Lâcher Prise, an intriguing solo project with […]

Susanne Ortner Trio, Last Stop Sehnsucht (Independent)

Susanne Ortner is one of the many emigres who’ve arrived in New Orleans recently to enliven the traditional music scene. Originally from Germany via Pittsburgh, she played fine traditional jazz, […]

Sam Doores, Sam Doores (New West)

“Dust off this old piano (pronounced ‘piana’), because I’m too broke to leave Louisiana” is just one of the great lines you’ll hear listening to the joys, laments and reflections […]

Stoo Odom Indefensible, Too Long to Chew Music (Independent)

There’s a fine linguistic line between “indefensible” and “indispensable,” and Stoo Odom likes to work that edge. On his first solo album, the nimble-fingered bassman unveils his considerable talents as […]

Quinn Sternberg, Mind Beach (Independent)

The beach is not the first setting you think of when it comes to jazz, not even the smooth, folk-inspired kind offered up by double bassist Quinn Sternberg and his […]

Naughty Professor, Everyday Shredder (Independent)

Identity, the last album from New Orleans’ premier jazz-funk band Naughty Professor, was a sprawling, adventurous tour-de-force, which featured a who’s who of vocalists and MCs. Their latest effort, Everyday […]

Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, The Music of Wayne Shorter (Blue Engine Records)

There’s no doubt about it that Wayne Shorter’s often quite lengthy solos stand as the apexes of this fine album recorded live in 2015 during the legend’s three-night residency at […]

Tom Witek, The V.Tet-Octagami (Independent)

On his first album, The V.Tet-Octagami, bassist Tom Witek taps into one of the best assets New Orleans’ musical community has to offer—its pool of top-notch young talent. What a […]