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Harry Trahan, “Coeur et Âme” (Independent)

79-year-old Harry Trahan was once a workhouse accordionist in his younger days, playing four-hour gigs several nights a week for years before semi-retiring to play informal family parties. More than […]

Cat Head Biscuit Boys, “Cat Head Biscuit Boys” (Valcour Records)

Though the Cat Head Biscuit Boys’ eponymously titled debut is a mere four-song EP, it’s nonetheless an intriguing cross-section of the band’s eclecticism and versatility. As evidenced by “Diamond Joe,” […]

Trent Bourgeois, “Louisiana Roadhouse” (Independent)

On Louisiana Roadhouse, Trent Bourgeois was trying to create the feel of a typical Saturday night in any number of roadhouses that you can find throughout Louisiana, and for the […]

Mark McGrain, “Love Time and Divination” (Immersion Records)

Trombonist Mark McGrain changes direction, mood and instrumentation on his latest release Love Time and Divination in comparison to his previous recordings, including 2015’s IN for the OUT. While that […]

Eric Johanson, “Burn it Down” (Whiskey Bayou Records)

If you are unfamiliar with Eric Johanson, you are probably not alone; but here’s your opportunity to catch a phenomenal talent before the rest of the world catches on. If […]

Germaine Bazzle, “Swingin’ at Snug” (Musikbloc)

“Please welcome to the stage, the wonderful Miss Germaine Bazzle,” Lawrence Sieberth graciously introduces New Orleans’ high priestess of jazz vocals to begin the album Swingin’ at Snug. Bazzle gets […]

Lloyd Price, “This Is Rock and Roll” (Double L Records)

At 84, Kenner native and rock ’n’ roll pioneer Lloyd Price has released a new album. Hearing Price performing his This Is Rock and Roll songs, he’s clearly the same […]

Jon Hebert, “Bayou Wild” (Independent)

Jon Hebert’s first full-length album fits nicely into the steadily growing New Orleans singer-songwriter scene. Don’t make the mistake of thinking, however, that after hearing the album’s opening track you’ve […]

Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys, “Allons Zydeco” (Lockdowne Records)

Allons Zydeco, the fourth album from Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys, expands upon the groundwork laid on 2014’s Back on Track. And once again, the interlocking rhythm section of […]

Louise Cappi, “Mélange” (Independent)

While straightforward and not breaking any new ground, Louise Cappi’s Mélange covers a lot of musical styles familiar to New Orleanians. Eclectic in both genre and repertoire, she touches on […]