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Shanin Novrasli, From Baku to New York City (Album Review)

The name Shanin Novrasli might not ring a bell, though his associates on his latest album, From Baku to New York, certainly give the pianist and composer impressive creds. The […]

Elizabeth Joan Kelly Farewell, Doomed Planet! (Album Review)

Elizabeth Joan Kelly has specialized for the better part of a decade now in creating ambient “background” music designed to create a low-key uncomfortable restlessness—she titled one such collection “Music […]

Katy Hobgood Ray featuring Dave Ray, I Dream of Water (Album Review)

So much American roots music is folk balladry when you get right down to it, or at least it started that way, which is why it’s disturbing how completely mainstream […]

T’Monde, Lights in the Harbor (Album Review)

On the third album in its eight-year existence, Cajun trio T’Monde continues to distinguish itself from its fuller band contemporaries. Vocals are its most salient attribute, especially given the angelic […]

Paul Sanchez, I’m a Song, I’m a Story, I’m a Ghost (Album Review)

A Lonesome Coda   After a prolific few years, Paul Sanchez is rather suddenly saying goodbye. He’s announced that this is his last album—he’s not the first artist to make […]

Bruce Sunpie Barnes and Rachel Breunlin, Le Kèr Creole: Creole Composition & Stories from Louisiana (University of New Orleans Press)

The Louisiana Creole language, referred to by many as Creole French, surrounds those living in Louisiana even more than most people probably realize. It’s been defined as “a francophone language […]

Charlie and the Tropicales, Presents for Everyone (Independent)

Do you know what goes great with kitsch? More kitsch! By early December, some of us are about to gag on the schmaltziness of the Christmas season. What’s the remedy? […]

Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, Big Band Holidays II (Blue Engine Records)

Playing live on its home turf in New York City, the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis celebrates the season on Big Band Holidays II much as one would […]

Lost Bayou Ramblers, On Va Continuer! (DVD) / Asteur (CD) (Lost Bayou Records)

This combined DVD-CD offering of the documentary On Va Continuer! and the live album Asteur celebrates the Lost Bayou Ramblers’ 20th anniversary as a group. In 2016, director/cinematographer Bruno Doria […]

Dr. John & the WDR Big Band, Big Band Voodoo (Orange Music)

Dr. John is an essential piece of New Orleans for his R&B and rock ’n’ roll sessions at Cosimo Matassa’s studio, for the marvelous invention of his Gris-Gris music and […]