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Fats Domino, They Call Me the Fat Man…The Legendary Imperial Recordings (EMI Records)

Any attempt to review Fats Domino’s material in the conventional sense (“Mr. Domino’s failure to address the needs of urban youth, coupled with his advocacy of seeking ‘thrills’ on hills, […]

Albert Collins, The Complete Imperial Recordings (EMI Records)

This two-CD collection consists of the three albums Collins recorded in 1969 and 1970 as his career was just beginning to take off: Love Can Be Found Anywhere (Even in […]

John Coltrane, Interstellar Space (GRP-Impulse! Records)

One biographer described Coltrane’s life as resembling the story of “The Red Shoes,” in which a woman buys a pair of red shoes that compel her to dance vigorously and […]

Rick Margitza, This Is New (Blue Note Records)

For his third release as a band leader, the Crescent City’s former resident “pays homage to the tradition.” The title song by George Gershwin tells all: this is a new […]

Take 6, He Is Christmas (Reprise Records)

As you shuffle through the hordes at Penney’s and shoulder your way to the checkout counter with so many shopping days left until Christmas, Take 6 is here to remind […]

Branford Marsalis, The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born (Columbia Records)

This is the second Branford Marsalis recording to feature him in a trio setting (the first was Trio Jeepy). The absence of a piano seems to have presented Marsalis, bassist […]

Mark Whitfield, Patrice (Warner Brothers Records)

Mark Whitfield’s second release is somewhat more varied than his debut recording, The Marksman. Backed by an all-star rhythm section—Kenny Barron on piano, Ron Carter on bass and Jack DeJohnette […]

Al Garner with Roland Brown’s Merchant Band, Presenting Al Garner (Kinion Records)

This has a royal sound that makes you want to dance and romance. The band plays solid with a bluesy feeling, pulling from the standards. Vocals have that special Al […]

Lee Allen, If You Don’t, I Know Your Sister Will (NOLA Records)

Go tell your Aunt Mary and Uncle John the ultimate party album has come along. Lee Allen, the wailing sax man, is back with a brand new live LP. I […]

Public Enemy, Apocalypse 91…The Enemy Strikes Black (Def Jam Records)

Conventional wisdom has it that in the ’70s rock and roll about died until punk came along and saved it—a debatable theory at best, given punk’s subsequent sellout. A stronger […]