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Will and the Bushmen, Blunderbuss (Core/SBK)

Burning and melting skeletons, mechanized gears creating a tidal wave, blurry fast-moving figures exploding in bright light, and a whirring vortex consuming itself…the cover art of this trio’s debut contains […]

Nirvana, Nevermind (DGC)

Seattle, Washington’s Nirvana burst onto the music scene in a big way with this, its major-label debut. You might have been hard-pressed to find the record in local stores around […]

Little Johnny Christian, Ain’t Going to Worry About It (Big Boy Records)

Little Johnny Christian has a strong band and is known for really shaking down in Chicago; he’s always a show stopper. His previous LP on Big Boy, Somebody Call My […]

Various Artists, Blues from Dolphin’s of Hollywood (Specialty Records)

Blues was big in Hollywood in the ‘50s. Dolphin’s of Hollywood was a legendary record store owned by John and Ruth Dolphin. They had a live DJ, Huggy Boy, at […]

Tesla, Psychotic Supper (Geffen Records)

Tesla’s most recognizable work thus far has been its acoustic remake of “Signs,” released last year as part of the grab-bag Five Man Acoustical Jam live album—and that’s too bad. […]

Lisa Germano, On the Way Down from the Moon Palace (Major Bill Records)

Think about the best part of being in love. Now think about the heartache when it’s over. Lisa Germano’s stunning debut album will make you feel all of that again, […]

Paul McCartney and Carl Davis, Liverpool Oratorio (Angel/EMI Records)

This enormous work was commissioned by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society to commemorate its 150th year. The oratorio tradition goes back to the 16th Century, and has evolved into a […]

Bill Bruford’s Earthworks, All Heaven Broke Loose (Caroline Records)

Although he will go down in history as one of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest drummers, Bruford’s new bag is jazz fusion. As the original drummer for Yes, and later a […]

Rickie Lee Jones, Pop Pop (Geffen Records)

Don’t let the title fool you: the new Rickie Lee has shed her old commercial skin and emerged as a smooth jazz balladeer. With a bare minimum of accompaniment, the […]

B.B. King, There Is Always One More Time (MCA Records)

King himself says it’s the best album he’s recorded, and I feel it’s the best album he’s recorded since the days of “The Thrill is Gone,” “Rock Me Baby” and […]