The Revealers, “One World” (Independent)

reviews-revealers-one-worldI’ve always had a soft spot for the Revealers’ greatest hit, “The Sound of That”: With its infectious funk/reggae groove, uplifting feel and killer chorus hook, there ain’t a lot to not love about it. While the song is still getting occasional airplay, the band’s often been MIA in the 15 years since its last CD. They’ve disappeared for years at a time, and have seemed to have a different lineup whenever I’ve seen them play. But this comeback disc finds them back with a few of the original lineup (three members out of the current seven), and with spirit intact.

“The Sound of That” gets another go-round here, and it’s less a retread than an update: The new version shows off co-lead singer Felice Guimont, the first female voice the band’s had for a long while, and sports a harder, funkier groove. So in fact does the whole CD: They’re as much a funk as a reggae band these days, with a mighty rhythm section including founding bassist Norman Nail. And the disc gives them a few chances to work out: The title track struts and pulses for a good eight minutes, and “Walking Down the Street” is an Indian chant that harks back to the Wild Magnolias’ electric heyday. “Friend Like You” begins as reggae but takes a surprising turn into heavy Santana territory.

The rest is more characteristic Revealers, keyed to Chris “DeRoc” DeBose’s familiar raspy vocals and upbeat sentiments. As always they keep the message positive, but never get sappy about it: “Good from Bad,” “It’s About Time” and the title song all show their ability to write anthems that are both uplifting and ridiculously catchy. In other words, if you’ve ever enjoyed this band, you’ll like the sound of this.