Stephen Scott, Something to Consider (Verve Records)

Stephen Scott is a former Harper Brothers Band pianist. His first solo album features such noteworthy players as Joe Henderson, Jeff Watts and Roy Hargrove, as well as his own formidable skills as a composer and arranger. Scott’s writing shows a strong late ’60s Herbie Hancock influence, especially on the title track and “Steps, Paths & Journeys.” Hancock’s influence is also evident in Scott’s playing. Scott shows originality in dealing with standards like Charlie Parker’s “Au Privave.” Scott set the melody against a New Orleans live beat, which prevents this from turning into another “jam” tune. Hargrove plays beautifully throughout, playing one solid solo after another. As for Henderson, his contributions are examples of saxophone playing at its finest. Watts really heats up “Nubian Chant,” showing an original conception on the drums that proves he is no mere “Elvin Clone.” look forward to hearing more from Stephen Scott in the future.