Sun God Seven, Sun God Seven (Independent)

Sun God Seven is not your typical blues-rock band, and not just because lead singer Christiana sports a fedora, a boa, silver face paint, and a red heart over one eye.

His blues roots come directly through the Doors’ Jim Morrison, an icon the frontman is fairly obsessed with, and you can hear that all over SG7’s debut: “Kiss Your Man” is their “Five to One” and “Two Can Tango” is their jumped-up blues shuffle a la “Love Me Two Times” (although, perhaps in a nod to his Louisiana roots, Christiana’s not afraid to throw in the occasional two-step like “Wine Fun”).

Unfortunately, the similarities stop there. Jim’s Dionysian muse is nowhere on display, which would speak well of the group if their take on blues wasn’t far more pedestrian than the Lizard King’s. The lyrics of “Bad Ass Girl,” “Hey Little Girl,” “Woman Loves Her Man,” and “Kiss Your Man” are no deeper than their titles, and you can bet “Two Can Tango” isn’t about dancing or revenge.

The first-rate production makes up for a lot of this, and the groove is perfectly tight—“Spend Another Day” is definitely a radio-ready step in the right direction, a mid-tempo ballad stylistically beholden to no one in particular—but without the other, seemingly conflicting ideas the Doors incorporated, like harpsichord fugues and revolutionary fervor, this debut mostly offers generic classic rock fronted by a pretty good Morrison impersonator.

Maybe the second album should be called “Ordinary Days.”