The Cons and Prose, Famous Last Words (Independent)

The Cons and Prose, Famous Last Words, album cover, OffBeat Magazine, September 2014

Rik Slave, the magnetic lead singer of New Orleans rock ’n’ roll outlet the Cons and Prose, seems like he would be a good person to go out and grab a beer with.

The band’s latest record is the booze-tinged Famous Last Words, and Slave’s got a few choice ones for his audience.

The album wastes no time kicking things into high gear, opening with the driving guitar and bass lines of “Big Time,” a tune about the expectancy of finally making it.

The inspiration for Famous Last Words pretty much gets right to the point with simple and relatable punk and rock ’n’ roll tracks like “Whiskey in the Morning” and “I Don’t Want to Go to Work Today.” (Cause and effect, perhaps?)

Straightforward, carousing rock and early punk is what we have come to expect from these guys; in that sense, Famous Last Words will not disappoint fans of their live shows.