The Links, Take it Away EP (Warganized Records)

Their PR claims they’re partially influenced by the “Madchester” rockers of the ‘90s, but while they’re certainly danceable, this local trio isn’t psychedelic or shoegazer. Rather, they weld Madchester to the glitzy post-punk revival of the other, younger Bush dynasty, as if the Stone Roses’ or Inspiral Carpets’ route had been diverted through the Killers’ Vegas or the Strokes’ NYC. 

“Take It Away” and “Last Goodbye” are the obvious hits here, airy and atmospheric and attitudinal (with “Take It Away” riding on a 2/4 quasi-disco hi-hat and also available in a rubbery ‘80s funk revision), but both the R&B of both “Boxed Wine” and the instrumental “Bomber’s Lounge” take surprising turns into genuine guitar rock, as if there were some sort of unnamed nastiness wriggling under all the slickness. Keep an eye on these guys and see if they mutate further.