The Meters, Reunited At the 2005 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (MunckMix)

Not much one can say about this release, as it was without a doubt the New Orleans music event of this millennium. Many of the Meters funk anthems are here, “Fayo [sic] On The Bayou,” “People Say,” “Look-Ka Py Py,” “Cissy Strut,” “Hey Pocky Way,” “Africa,” and “Be My Lady.” The lyrics have slightly changed over the years, and the band has rightly become more politically aware, but its soulful intensity has only aged and amplified. Considering the few times they’ve performed together in the last quarter of a century, the Meters here are still tighter than a size 8 dress on a 154-pound woman. There are a few new wriggles here, including “He Bit Me,” “Welcome To New Orleans” and “The World,” but they work. Considering this was recorded live and outdoors, no one can carp about the sound balance. A double CD, this could have been edited down to a single CD by eliminating the intro, stage banter, tune ups, and yes, the drum solo. Still, this was an audio documentation of landmark New Orleans musical event. This is the music that made us move to New Orleans or made us stay.