Tishamingo, The Point, (Magnat_ude)

The album name is fitting as Tishamingo’s third release is aggressive, straight-forward Southern rock, foregoing the stylistic diversions and musical vignettes that marked their previous records. This is a shame. There is something unsatisfying about The Point, despite the fine musicianship and songwriting. While the songs are energetic and appealing, it seems as though anything deemed unfit for radio was cut; and the lion’s share of what’s left falls dangerously close to territory covered decades ago by Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers Band. Lyrically, Tishamingo plays close to the vest, singing about the land and the band and little else.

A few tracks break the mold. “Devil’s Love Song”—a country shuffle—and the smoky “Hard Fall” are pleasant changes of pace. Unfortunately, they’re not enough to keep The Point from feeling formulaic and ambitious, like a premature best-of compilation.