Various Artists, Excello Records, Volume 1: Sound of the Swamp and Volume 2: Southern Rhythm and Rock (Rhino Records)

If you want to hear the lowdown side of the blues, if you want to grind with your baby on the dance floor, if you want to rock your butt, there’s only one direction for you to go and that’s south to Louisiana. Namely, Crowley, Louisiana, where Jay Miller of Excello Records and a cast of illustrious artists created the most animalistic bop ever to come down the pike. Rhino Records, the Kings of Remastering, have put together two compilations that will make you drool for Volume 3. The material goes all the way from the nastiest blues to country-rockabilly swamp pop, to serious R&B and rock ‘n’ roll: it leaps off the disc. The familiar names like Slim Harpo, Lightnin’ Slim, Lazy Lester and Lonesome Sundown are all there, but when you hear stuff like Guitar Gable doing “Congo-Mambo,” “Calling All Cows” by the Blues Reckers, or “Trying To Please” by Jerry McCain, it’s going to knock your you-know-what in the dirt. There are sides on these discs that even I’ve never heard before. The T-Bird bible is finally open to the public eye on CD. Bravo, Rhino Records!

P.S. “Miss you Like The Devil” by Slim Harpo and “Love Shock” by Little Sonny have got to be on Volume 3.