Various Artists, Friends & Legends of Louisiana (L & M Star Productions)

Not a bad strategy to get your songs heard; enlist a few household name vocalists; surround them with a crack studio band and then watch the seeds germinate. Such is the case with these 10 songs written or co-written by Baton Rouge songwriter/pianist Lucas Spinosa, who matched his carefully crafted creations with such luminaries as Cajun rocker Wayne Toups, bluesman Kenny Neal and swamp poppers Don Rich, Ryan Foret and Jason Parfait.

Obviously, it’s always a gamble whether an artist will truly feel the song but overall it works reasonably well with some interpretations being exceptional. “Southern Side of Life,” sung by Neal, couldn’t fit any better, especially with the reference to his father Raful, a noted architect of Baton Rouge’s blues and R&B sound. Parker James nails the tenderness of “While You’re Still Mine” while Rich recalls vintage swamp pop replete with dancing horns on “Want It To Be.”

And speaking of horns, they don’t get any snazzier than the big band dazzle of “Beale Street Blues” sung by saxman Parfait, who turns out to be a knockout vocalist. Gregg Martinez emotes so eloquently on “The Two of Us,” it could easily be a wedding day staple with its groom-toasting imagery.

Regardless if you’ve had that second piece of wedding cake or not, rockers “Living in a Fantasy” and “Red Tail Lights on a Blues Highway,” by Foret and Chris LeBlanc (respectively), will likely get your blood circulating again. Expect a healthy shelf live for this one.