Water Seed, Say Yeah!! Live at the Blue Nile (Louisiana Red Hot Records)

Water Seed has it all going for them. They’re fun, funky, talented musicians who know how to make people dance. They’ve followed up their last release, We Are Stars, with a special treat for their fans—a live album that showcases the energy they bring to the stage. Say Yeah!! Live at the Blue Nile shows that they can not only make a well-produced pop-charting album like We Are Stars, but that they can also bring the same quality of musicianship to the stage (a rare ability in the current Auto-Tuned, sampled, cut-and-paste landscape of top 40 music).

Most of the songs here are repeats from the first album, but they’re given new life in a live setting. With some of the tracks nearly doubling in length from the originals, the space allows for the soloists to dig in just a bit more. “Work It Out” and “Open Sesame” are the stand-out dance hits. Berkley the Artist is an exceptional vocalist and “Feel Like I Do” features a Beyoncé-strength performance by Shaleyah.

Water Seed’s particular breed of à la mode R&B/funk/new funk/soul fusion will hit the spot for music fans across the board and if this album doesn’t make you want to go to one of their live shows, then you must not like to dance.

—Stacey Leigh Bridewell