Wino Willy, Burlap (Bag Season Records)

MC-producer-DJ Wino Willy is a recent addition to the lo-fi hip-hop scene of New Orleans (he was born in Edison, New Jersey). With locals he founded Bag Season, a collective and indie label. Under that imprint in partnership with Superjock he released Burlap, a 10-track album featuring his production alongside beats by friendkerrek, Prospek, Sep Rock and more. For fans of touchstones like MF DOOM, Madlib and Ras G, Burlap is a phenomenal contribution to the thriving caverns of underground hip-hop in this city. Burlap exposes the grainy, organic, downtempo proclivities he espouses as a beatmaker and MC. Perhaps nowhere else is the quasi-discordant genre more on display than on “The Off Key,” which embraces intentional dissonance. It features vocalist Saint Amethyst, granddaughter of George Porter, Jr. With Wino Willy’s relaxed delivery, her jazzy singing makes the song perfect for a walk to the streetcar on a rainy day. Burlap is inspired by Wino Willy’s travels in Philadelphia, China and New Orleans, a mélange most obviously performed on “G Money.” The song features Chinese MC Vertigob and bemoans the scourge of capitalism. “Suis Generis” is a standout cut; it triggers the head-nodding associated with great hip-hop, while tackling a complex topic through lyrical dexterity (in this instance, it’s the bourgeoisie). Fans of this are encouraged to check out Wino Willy and members of the extended beat scene at Counter Sessions at the Sea Cave on St. Claude Avenue.