New Generationals EP Medium Rarities: Free Download/Stream

Indie pop duo Generationals is a summery band. Starting with its 2009 debut album, Con Law, NOLA natives Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer’s songs have usually been bright and warm, but the two dug even deeper into the dog days on their last record, Actor-Caster and the preceding EP Trust. I was especially impressed on that album by how much the music’s rhythmic qualities had grown, with the help of a healthy dose of electronics. As much as the band avoids being pigeon-holed as a “New Orleans” artist, coming off more Urban Outfitters than Maison Blanche, the standout tracks on Actor-Caster were almost…funky!

Now Generationals has a small EP, Medium Rarities, available for free download and streaming from their label, Park the Van Records. It’s four tracks of early July, starting with the sweet-toothed “Green Leaf Black Heart”, a dubbed-out take on Actor-Caster‘s “Greenleaf”. Billed as a summer jam, it now sounds like something Menahan Street Band would play with a guest vocalist at SXSW (and I hope a local hip-hop artist samples its piano hook—looking at you, G-Eazy).

The move away from analog goes further on the other three tracks on the four-song EP. The lone brand-new song of the bunch, “You Got Me”, would work perfectly during a sunshine day set at Voodoo’s Le Plur tent. It’s blippy, sparse, and really catchy. The other two offerings are remixes of “Trust” and “When They Fight, They Fight”, both great songs in their original incarnations. “When They Fight” gets the better, more adventurous treatment, replacing Rhodes piano and tom toms with deep synths and drum machine pads, even throwing in some ’80s Hollywood blockbuster guitar lines for good measure.

If you liked Trust or Actor-Caster, download this. If you’re looking for a good intro to the Generationals, download this.