2010 Best of the Beat Awards Nominees

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OffBeat Best of the Beat Awards 2010

Best Blues Artist

  1. Tab Benoit
  2. Big Daddy ‘O’
  3. Dr. John
  4. Little Freddie King
  5. Walter “Wolfman” Washington

Best Blues Album

  1. Dr. John: Tribal
  2. Andy J. Forest: NOtown Story
  3. Little Freddie King: Gotta Walk With Da King
  4. Kenny Neal: Hooked on Your Love
  5. Kenny Wayne Shepherd: Live! In Chicago

Best R&B/Funk Artist

  1. Big Sam’s Funky Nation
  2. Galactic
  3. Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk
  4. Papa Grows Funk
  5. Trombone Shorty

Best R&B/Funk Album

  1. Big Sam’s Funky Nation: King of the Party
  2. Galactic: Ya-Ka-May
  3. Joe Krown Trio: Triple Threat
  4. Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk: Everybody Want Sum
  5. Trombone Shorty: Backatown

Best Rock Artist

  1. Down
  2. Happy Talk Band
  3. Rotary Downs
  4. R. Scully’s Rough 7
  5. Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship?

Best Rock Album

  1. Brass Bed: Melt White
  2. Happy Talk Band: Starve a Fever
  3. Rotary Downs: Cracked Maps & Blue Reports
  4. R. Scully’s Rough 7: Give Up Your Dreams
  5. Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship?: Of Resolutions and Resolve

Best Roots Rock Artist

  1. Mia Borders
  2. Susan Cowsill
  3. Honey Island Swamp Band
  4. Anders Osborne
  5. Paul Sanchez

Best Roots Rock Album

  1. Mia Borders: Magnolia Blue
  2. Susan Cowsill: Lighthouse
  3. Honey Island Swamp Band: Good To You
  4. Anders Osborne: American Patchwork
  5. Paul Sanchez & Shamarr Allen: Bridging the Gap

Best Rap/Hip-Hop Artist

  1. Big Freedia
  2. Curren$y
  3. Dee-1
  4. Lyrikill
  5. Na’Tee

Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album or Mixtape

  1. Curren$y: Pilot Talk
  2. Gypsyphonic Disko: Nola-Phonic, Volume One (free download)
  3. Juvenile: Beast Mode
  4. TheSekondElement: The Kommencement
  5. Truth Universal: Guerilla Business

Best Traditional Jazz Artist

  1. Tom McDermott
  2. Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  3. Kermit Ruffins
  4. Tom Sancton
  5. Don Vappie

Best Traditional Jazz Album

  1. Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns: Lucky Devil
  2. The New Orleans Moonshiners: I’m Comin’ Home
  3. Preservation Hall Jazz Band: Preservation
  4. Matt Perrine and Sunflower City: Bayou Road Suite
  5. Kermit Ruffins: Happy Talk

Best Contemporary Jazz Artist

  1. Donald Harrison
  2. Irvin Mayfield
  3. Christian Scott
  4. Cindy Scott
  5. James Singleton

Best Contemporary Jazz Album

  1. Rex Gregory: An End To Oblivion
  2. Donald Harrison: Quantum Leap
  3. Tarik Hassan: Tarik Hassan
  4. Christian Scott: Yesterday You Said Tomorrow
  5. Cindy Scott: Let the Devil Take Tomorrow

Best Brass Band

  1. Hot 8
  2. Rebirth Brass Band
  3. Soul Rebels
  4. Stooges Brass Band
  5. TBC Brass Band

Best Cajun Artist

  1. BeauSoleil
  2. Bruce Daigrepont
  3. Feufollet
  4. Lost Bayou Ramblers
  5. Pine Leaf Boys

Best Cajun Album

  1. Bayou Deville: See Sharp and Be Natural
  2. Ryan Brunet and the Malfecteurs: Ryan Brunet and the Malfecteurs
  3. Feufollet: En Couleurs
  4. D.L. Menard: Happy Go Lucky
  5. Pine Leaf Boys: Back Home

Best Zydeco Artist

  1. Buckwheat Zydeco
  2. Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band
  3. Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers
  4. Lil’ Nathan and the Zydeco Big Timers
  5. Cedric Watson et Bijou Créole

Best Zydeco Album

  1. Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band: Zydeco Junkie
  2. Leon Chavis and the Zydeco Flames: Zydeco SoulChild
  3. Lil Nathan & the Zydeco Big Timers: Deceived, Degraded but not Destroyed
  4. Horace Trahan: Keep Walking
  5. Cedric Watson et Bijou Créole: Creole Moon—Live from the Blue Moon Saloon

Best Country/Folk Artist

  1. By & By String Band
  2. Gal Holiday & her Honky Tonk Revue
  3. Hurray for the Riff Raff
  4. New Grass Country Club
  5. Washboard Rodeo

Best Country/Folk Album

  1. By & By String Band: Little Darling Pal of Mine: Songs of the Carter Family
  2. Grandpa Elliott: Sugar Sweet
  3. Gal Holiday and her Honky Tonk Revue: Set Two
  4. Hurray for the Riff Raff: Young Blood Blues
  5. Washboard Rodeo: Washboard Rodeo

Best Gospel Group

  1. Arthur Clayton & Purposely Anointed
  2. The Davell Crawford Singers
  3. Tyronne Foster and the Arc Singers
  4. Franklin Avenue Baptist Church
  5. McDonogh 35 High School

Best Emerging Artist

  1. Big Freedia
  2. Luke Winslow-King
  3. Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns
  4. The Revivalists
  5. Khris Royal

Best Cover Band

  1. Bag O’ Donuts
  2. Bucktown Allstars
  3. Creole String Beans
  4. Molly Ringwalds
  5. Top Cats

Song of the Year

  1. John Boutte: “Treme Song”
  2. Galactic feat. Irma Thomas: “Heart of Steel”
  3. Kourtney Heart: “My Boy”
  4. Juvenile: “Drop That Thang”
  5. Anders Osborne: “On the Road to Charlie Parker”

Songwriter of the Year

  1. Luke Allen (Happy Talk Band)
  2. Dr. John
  3. Alex McMurray
  4. Anders Osborne
  5. Paul Sanchez

Best Female Vocalist

  1. Susan Cowsill
  2. Debbie Davis
  3. Alynda Lee Segarra (Hurray for the Riff Raff)
  4. Sasha Masakowski
  5. Irma Thomas

Best Male Vocalist

  1. John Boutte
  2. Clint Maedgen
  3. John Michael Rouchell (MyNameIsJohnMichael)
  4. Aaron Neville
  5. Walter “Wolfman” Washington

Best Bass Player

  1. Nick Daniels (Dumpstaphunk)
  2. Tony Hall (Dumpstaphunk)
  3. George Porter, Jr.
  4. Sam Price
  5. James Singleton

Best Guitarist

  1. Jonathan Freilich
  2. Alex McMurray
  3. Anders Osborne
  4. Jimmy Robinson
  5. Walter “Wolfman” Washington

Best Drummer

  1. Doug Belote
  2. Stanton Moore
  3. Eric Rogers (Empress Hotel and more)
  4. Johnny Vidacovich
  5. Raymond Weber (Dumpstaphunk)

Best Saxophonist

  1. Jimmy Carpenter
  2. Tim Green (Plunge)
  3. Donald Harrison
  4. Aurora Nealand
  5. Khris Royal

Best Clarinetist

  1. Evan Christopher
  2. Charlie Gabriel (Preservation Hall Jazz Band)
  3. Tim Laughlin
  4. Tom Sancton
  5. Ben Schenck (Panorama Jazz Band)

Best Trumpeter

  1. Shamarr Allen
  2. Leroy Jones
  3. Irvin Mayfield
  4. Kermit Ruffins
  5. Trombone Shorty

Best Trombonist

  1. Jeff Albert
  2. Craig Klein
  3. Delfeayo Marsalis
  4. Rick Trolsen
  5. Trombone Shorty

Best Tuba/Sousaphonist

  1. Phil Frazier (Rebirth Brass Band)
  2. Kirk Joseph
  3. Jon Gross (Panorama Jazz Band)
  4. Matt Perrine
  5. Benny Pete (Hot 8)

Best Piano/Keyboardist

  1. Jon Cleary
  2. John Gros (Papa Grows Funk)
  3. Joe Krown
  4. Tom McDermott
  5. David Torkanowsky

Best Accordionist

  1. Sunpie Barnes
  2. Chubby Carrier
  3. Walt McClements (Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship?)
  4. Steve Riley
  5. Cedric Watson

Best Violin/Fiddle Player

  1. Sam Craft
  2. Louis Michot
  3. Matt Rhody (Hot Club of New Orleans and more)
  4. Amanda Shaw
  5. Waylon Thibodeaux

Best DJ

  1. DJ Chicken
  2. E.F. Cuttin
  3. Rusty Lazer
  4. DJ Soul Sister
  5. Beverly Skillz

Best Other Instrument

  1. Helen Gillet (cello)
  2. Michael Skinkus (percussion)
  3. Don Vappie (banjo)
  4. Washboard Chaz (washboard)
  5. James Westfall (vibraphone)

Artist of the Year

  1. Curren$y
  2. Feufollet
  3. Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk
  4. Anders Osborne
  5. Trombone Shorty

Album of the Year

  1. Curren$y: Pilot Talk
  2. Galactic: Ya-Ka-May
  3. Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk: Everybody Want Sum
  4. Anders Osborne: American Patchwork
  5. Trombone Shorty: Backatown
  • Gigginthenarrows

    Gotta love a list of categories
    In which to recognize excellence which included Separate. Categories for Cabin and Zydeco, in which EACH horn haws a section, in wwhich there’s a whole category for brass bands.
    I wanna go to this awards show!



  • Joyfein1

    want to vote for Revivalists as best emerging artist. can’t friggin’ figure out how. please advise. thanks.

  • E. Williams


  • Up2002

    No offense to anyone on this list because they all deserve to be there but, why is Dappa not on this list for Hip-Hop Artist of the Year and why is his mixtape “F#@K Outta Hea” not listed under mixtape of the year. He is the only rap artist on here that has 3 different songs on the radio in rotation at one time and his mixtape has pushed over 5 thousand just here in New Orleans. Interesting.