Patty Griffin will perform at Tipitina's on March 26. Photo by Michael Wilson

GRAMMY winning singer-songwriter Patty Griffin has New Orleans on her mind (and tour!)

Patty Griffin, one of the best songwriters of her generation, will make an appearance at Tipitina’s in New Orleans. She will be performing on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 9:00 p.m. Tickets for the performance can be purchased online here.

Griffin is an American icon whose wide-ranging talents explore the intimate moments and universal emotions that “bind us together.” Since her music debut in 1996, the GRAMMY Award-winner has released nine studio albums and two live collections, each affirming her as one of the far-reaching genre’s leading proponents. 

Outside of her musical career, the Austin, Texas-based Griffin has devoted energy and focus towards the well-being of the planet as well as showing compassion for the less fortunate with person and public acts of charity including helping to create the Lampedusa tours supporting the Jesuit Refugee Service.

Ahead of her performance, the famed musician spoke with about New Orleans, new beginnings and more.

Culturally speaking or on a personal front, what does the city of New Orleans and its history mean to you as a musician?

It seems like music of New Orleans and life here are completely woven together and everybody just understands that.  It seems to be second nature to a lot of people who were and are from here to just be badass players and singers. I also love that much of the point of the music from here is to get  to you dance – like even at a funeral. That’s really powerful and rare to find in this country especially. I’m aware how much we of the rest of the world owe to New Orleans for giving us powerful, transformational music.

What influence does it have on your music?

It makes me want to practice a lot more!   There’s so much musical proficiency from here.  But it’s used really well. The point of getting really good technically is so you can just have a good time and let it rip without having to think about it too much.  Thinking about James Booker right now and all the wild rides he could take you on with his classically trained hands.

Are there folk/gospel/singer-songwriters from New Orleans that resonate with you?

Well, since I think everything is really folk and gospel down at the roots, I have been listening to a New Orleans Funk compilation of stuff from 1960 -75 (on Soul Jazz records from the UK. ) It’s three records big with Eddie Bo, The Meters, early Nevilles to name just a few.   I’ve been told some of the tracks are rare and not easy to find. It’s really pure magic and I feel like you can sometimes hear the ancestors in it… so that’s folk and gospel to me.

What can your fans expect to see at the Tipitina’s show?

We’re going to do a lot of stuff from the new record.  Slightly intimidating doing the first official show in such a music town, but crowds here seem really warm and open, so I’m glad we’re starting here.  

After years of releasing, what’s the significance of having this record in particular self-titled?

I had an idea for another title, but someone else used it last year.  That’s the truth! Using my name just started off as an idea from Craig Ross – my good friend and producer on many records including this one (who I met in New Orleans in 1995!)  I just saw it as kind of funny at the time, but this record really is kind of a reset for me, like starting again from some kind of beginning.

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