Aaron Neville Joins Rolling Stones on Stage

It was a long time coming, but Aaron Neville finally performed with the Rolling Stones over the weekend, when he joined them onstage Friday in Philadelphia for the Drifters classic “Under the Boardwalk.” It’s one of the few songs that the Stones and Neville have in common: They recorded it back in 1964 and put it their second US album 12×5, hardly ever playing it live since then. It was one of the vintage R&B numbers that Neville revived for his current album My True Story.

Aaron Neville, Rolling Stones

There’s been a strong Stones/Neville connection in the past—though usually through Aaron’s son Ivan Neville, who’s played in Keith Richards’ spinoff band the X-Pensive Winos and been in the studio with the Stones. The band’s been bringing big-name guests for most of the shows on its current tour; other cities got Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. We’d say the audience in Philadelphia on Friday got the better end of the deal.


  • youngboyblues

    Loved that…

  • Dago T

    The audio sux. That’s cool, Aaron is playing here in little old Dumb Moines for FREE Saturday night!!!

  • Gallivan Burwell

    Mick looks like some old geezer trying to learn to dance on a cruise ship. Wassup with that?

  • ktownson

    The Neville Brothers opened for the Stones for a number of shows in 1982.