Aurora Nealand. Photo by Joshua Brasted

Aurora Nealand to perform multi-dimensional rendition of her solo album

Aurora Nealand, famed New Orleans musician, will showcase a multi-media, multi-dimensional performance presented by the Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans. Nealand is teaming up with the theatre company Goat in the Road Productions (GRP) to create a unique concert experience based upon the artist’s newest self-released album, KindHumanKind. The concert will take place March 29 – 30 at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, March 31 at 3 p.m. 

Aurora Nealand, sound artist and multi-instrumentalist, has become a driving force in the New Orleans music world since she first arrived in 2004. She is the founder and leader of The Royal Roses, the non-traditional traditional jazz band, and is involved in many more musical projects including The Monocle, Redrawblak Trio, and the Instigation Orchestra. Nealand is deeply interested in the embodiment and sonification of everyday objects and knowledge-generation.  

The unique artist wrote and recorded the music for KindHumanKind as a solo project over a three-year period. The concert featuring this experimental masterpiece will expand the work into an intimate and theatrical extension under the unique design and direction of Goat in the Road. “Through working with Goat in the Road and this brilliant team of designers, we’ve been able to examine and re-draw emotions as physical and sonic landscapes,” said Nealand. This will be the first collaboration between Nealand and Goat in the Road.

The performance will present a visual world that showcases Nealand’s unique talents as a storyteller and musician, and “brings to life her heartbreaking musical world.” The performance will feature Nealand, as well as New Orleans musicians Free Feral, Tiffany Lamson (The Givers), and Alexis Marceaux (Sweet Crude). Tickets for the general public can be purchased here.