Bach Around the Clock Looking for Musicians

Trinity Church is looking for musicians to participate in the 17th Annual Bach Around the Clock event scheduled for Friday, April 4, through Saturday, April 5.

Albinas Prizgintas, photo, Elsa Hahne

Albinas Prizgintas (photo: Elsa Hahne)

Father Sean Duggan will be the featured performer at the event, which starts at 7 pm on Friday, April 4 and runs non-stop through midnight on Saturday, April 5. For 29 hours, hundreds of performers will play music of all kinds, and there will also be dancing, yoga, and poetry readings.

Returning to the Bach Around the Clock event after more than a decade, the Fr. Duggan will play the complete two and three part Inventions and two Fantaisies and Fugues, a performance that is expected to last one hour and 30 minutes.

At 11 pm on Saturday, April 5th, the Saint-Saens Organ Symphony will be performed by the Loyola Orchestra conducted by Jean Montes with Albinas Prizgintas as the organist. Prizgintas will close with Bach’s Toccata in D as the event comes to a close.

If you are interested in performing, Trinity Church asks that you contact them immediately at (504) 670-2520.