All That's founding keyboardist, Davis Rogan.

All That band to reunite for sousaphunk-y anniversary show

On  November 30, a family of musicians will reunite for All That’s 23rd anniversary show.

With origins tracing back to 1994, All That branded itself as a full-fledged funk outfit buoyed by a tuba instead of an electric guitar. “Out of this concept, All That developed a life of its own,” wrote James Lien in March 1999’s OffBeat. “For one thing, the group became somewhat known for its floating lineup, with members drifting in and out-you might get either Alex McMurray or Stevie T. on guitar, you might get Man Perrine or Kirk Joseph on sousaphone, you might get any number of trombone players, depending on who was available and who checked their answering machines regularly.”

November 30’s show will see Alex McMurray and Kirk Joseph on stage, along with fellow founding members Davis Rogan on keys, trombonist Tyrus Chapman, drummer Chris Davis,  plus newcomers trumpeter Kevin Louis and saxophonist Travis Blotsky.

Together, All That will revisit the band’s inaugural release,  Eponymous Debut (named by OffBeat as the best funk album of 1997) and other favorites.

All That’s 23rd anniversary show takes place at the Hi-Ho Lounge (2239 Saint Claude Avenue) and is 21+. Tickets are available here for $10 or $15 day of.