Bantam Foxes Showcase New Music at the Old U.S. Mint July 26

Bantam Foxes will play the Old U.S. Mint on Saturday, July 26, at 8:00 p.m. to showcase eight new songs recorded at New Orleans’ Music Shed Studios. Audio and video of the performance will be recorded and released as a weekly content series throughout the fall.Bantam Foxes, OffBeat Magazine

The powerful, self-proclaimed “garage-rock trio,” featuring twin brothers and Loyola University alumni Collin and Sam McCabe rotating on bass, vocals and mandolin, and Jared Marcell drumming, have been garnering attention and logging long miles on the road.

Since 2011, Bantam Foxes have toured the South tirelessly, regularly playing in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Eastern Texas. They have released a number of recordings, including their debut Twin Tone, and the recent Triumph.

A number of tracks off of Triumph, including “Temperature’s Dropping” and “Charade,” show Bantam Foxes’ potential to gain national attention. Their tight, loud-yet-pop-oriented sound can get rowdy crowds moshing at a show while still appealing to casual listeners.

Ranging from The Black Keys-esque gritty, bluesy guitar riffs to Nirvana influenced power-chord-laden tracks with consistently powerful and loud drumming, Bantam Foxes offer something for every type of rock and roll fan.

Similar to countless other rock and roll acts, the true genius of Bantam Foxes lies in their live performances. With Collin and Sam swapping instruments throughout while maintaining their raw, unrelentingly loud sound, the live set is often much more satisfying than what is captured on record with Bantam Foxes.

Tickets for the Old U.S. Mint show cost $10 and can be purchased here.