Annual French Market Bastille Day Bartender & Waiters Race Returns

This weekend, New Orleans will celebrate Bastille Day citywide in acknowledgement of the French national holiday. From invite-only events with dignitaries to family-friendly public fêtes, July 14’s Bastille Day takes over the whole weekend with celebrations.

One of the most unique Bastille Day NOLA celebrations is the annual Bartender and Waiters Race, hosted by the French Market. In addition to celebrating Bastille Day, the race is at its core a celebration of the local hospitality industry, a sector well deserving of a celebratory event in its name. On Sunday, July 15 beginning at 4 p.m., bartenders and servers are invited to participate in a race but there’s a very specific rule: there is no running allowed!

Instead, participants must speed for two blocks (roughly the distance alongside the Flea and Farmers Market, on French Market Place) without spelling any of the food or drink in carefully configured race trays. At 4:45 p.m., there will be an awards ceremony.

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