Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Bean Madness tournament narrowed to 16 restaurants

For the past two weeks, the inaugural Bean Madness tournament has pit 64 New Orleans establishments against one another in search of the city’s best restaurant-cooked red beans. Inspired by the annual March Madness college basketball tournament, the battle has now been narrowed to 16 competitors after two rounds of head-to-head blind taste tests.

With the first two rounds out of the way, it’s time to move on to the third round. The members of this “Sweet 6-Bean” were determined by people across New Orleans, who voted for their favorites during the taste tests and even filled out prediction brackets beforehand to try their luck at calling the results.

Much like March Madness, the tournament has been divided into four regions: Uptown, Downtown, By Da Quarter and Mid-City — East. The remaining Uptown competitors include Joey K’s, Red Rooster, High Hat Cafe and Coquette, while the Downtown is represented by Three Muses, Frady’s, Cake Cafe and Bywater Bakery. By Da French Quarter has Deanie’s Seafood, Welty’s, Evangeline and Cornet, with Neyow’s, Sammy’s (Elysian Fields), Avery’s and Mandina’s remaining for Mid-City — The East.

The locations for the next round of head-to-head match ups can be found below.

As previously reported, Bean Madness is put on the organizers of the Red Beans Parade and is a fundraiser for local non-profits Anna’s Place and Make Music NOLA. The championship taste test will be held at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum on the afternoon of Saturday, April 2.


“Sweet 6-Bean”


Saturday March 25th

Evangeline vs. Welty’s

Farmers Market (CBD) 10 – 12 pm


Neyow’s vs. Mandina’s

Martin Wine Cellar (Baronne St.) 12 to 2pm


Joey K’s vs. Red Rooster

Dirty Coast (FQ) 1 to 3 pm


Sammy’s (Elysian Fields) vs. Avery’s on Tulane

Octavia Books – 2 to 4 pm


Sunday March 25th

Frady’s vs. Three Muses

Nola Tilth (1312 France St) – 2 to 4 pm


Deanies Seafood vs.  Cornet

Bywater Bakery 12 – 2 pm


High Hat Cafe vs. Coquette

Avenue Pub 1 to 3 pm


Cake Cafe vs. Bywater Bakery

R Bar 4 to 6 pm