Morgan City, Louisiana will host Songs on the Bayou Songwriters Festival

Cajun Country Hosts an Inspiring Weekend Made for Songwriters

Morgan City, LA has started a music revolution in Cajun Country and is furthering its reputation by hosting another year of Songs on the Bayou Singer/Songwriter Festival, Conference and Retreat. This event will feature touring singers and songwriters from across the country bringing Americana, Country, Rock, Folk, Blues and Zydeco to stages across the city. The festival takes place over seven days, March 25-March 31, 2019.

Nearly 100 songwriters who have been traveling the songwriting festival circuit will come from across the United States to take part. With a diverse group of songwriters participating, the festival has focused on connecting and strengthening the music community through all of Louisiana by providing stages for different surrounding cities. Special stages for NOLA songwriters, Lafayette songwriters, as well as Baton Rouge songwriters will be present. Festivals from other states are also included such as the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival and Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival.

“Each year we are thrilled to see how much this festival grows,” said organizer and performer Brigitte London. “The talent keeps excelling, and the interest from artists keeps growing.” London heads up The Last Honky Tonk Music Series, a nationwide movement with over 70 Official Artists and venues over the USA. The Series produces a radio show and a television show, providing opportunities for each artist in the Series to perform at the festival each year.

Outside of the seven-day festival, a songwriter’s retreat will take place and give writers the opportunity to commune with nature as a way to gain further inspiration, as well as scheduled writes with Veterans, and members of the Elder and Youth community. Music industry professionals will also have a place to teach and build throughout the festival. “We have so much to offer at this Summit, from leaders in the forefront of musical equipment technology in the industry, to Music Industry Professionals, as well as Multiple Presenters who use Music as a Healing tool (including autism, Alzheimers, ptsd, and mental and physical trauma”, said London.

The Summit is $35 for a three-day pass, and that gives entry to the weekend shows at Morgan City Municipal Auditorium. All other performances are free to the public. Thirteen venues in Morgan City and the surrounding areas will feature performances in the select venues March 27-31, with a family friendly kick-off on Wednesday in Lake End Park featuring a Fais Do Do and local swamp pop artists, as well as a Thursday Veterans Night at NicoBella, honoring our service men and women, and a finale at Gros Marina on Sunday.  All shows are listed on the festival website.

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