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Cha Wa: Mardi Gras Indian Funk Weekly at Howlin’ Wolf

Mardi Gras Indian funk band Cha Wa will be launching “Second Line Sundays,” a residency at the Howlin’ Wolf on Sunday, October 11th.

Irving Bannister, Jr. and Joseph Hill (Monk Boudreau's son). Photo by Golden Richard III.

Irving Bannister, Jr. and Joseph Hill (Monk Boudreaux’s son). Photo by Golden Richard III.

“We start out with the traditional Mardi Gras Indian call-and-response music that you hear in the streets,” Drummer and Cha Wa founding member Joe Gelini told OffBeat in 2012. “Some of these songs have been played traditionally for over a 100 years. We weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but we were trying to do our own version, which is inspired by our love of the music.”

Cha Wa features Irving “Honey” Bannister Jr. of the Creole Wild West, who was featured with Joseph Hill, Bo Dollis Jr. as the new generation of Indians at the last Wild Magnolias reunion at Tipitina’s. Also featured is J’Wan Boudreaux, iconic Indian Big Chief Monk Boudreaux’s grandson, on vocals.

John Swenson wrote in the May 2012 issue of OffBeat: “There will never be another Bo Dollis or Monk Boudreaux, just as there will never be another Muddy Waters, Otis Redding or James Brown. But it seems certain that the culture of the Mardi Gras Indians will continue to draw from the spiritual wellspring that inspired Bo and Monk. Change is inevitable, and just as Bo and Monk changed the direction and perception of their culture, those that follow will add their personalities to the mix.”

The band will be performing every Sunday at 8 p.m., preceding the Hot 8 Brass Band weekly show at 10 p.m.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased on

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