Creepy Fest Creeps Over New Orleans July 11-15

Creepy Fest New Orleans 2012

For those punk fans wondering where their festival calling has been hiding, the fourth-annual Creepy Fest, presented by Sheer Terror Records from July 11-15, will satisfy that itch. The event is a composite of over thirty bands performing all over the city, from the Big Top to the Saturn Bar.

Performances include Crotchbreaker, Nassty Habits, The Sluts, Before I Hang, Hot Coke Sex, Electric Frankenstein and many more. Wednesday, July 11 there will be a $5 entry at the Big Top for a local film showing and live music by the Unnaturals. The other four nights will be all music-oriented and entry costs range from free to $10, with all seven Creepy Fest costing a total of $25.

Creepy Fest 2012 t-shirts will also be available at each of the venues, as well as band merchandise. Creepy Fest has no outside sponsors so they encourage everyone to support the bands and venues by purchasing merchandise and drinks.

Here’s the full schedule:

Wednesday, July 11, The Big Top, $5: New Orleans B-Movie Double Feature including local feature films “Goregasm” and “Zombie Vs. Mardi Gras”. Live music by the Unnaturals.

Thursday, July 12, Saturn Bar, $5: Crotchbreaker, Nassty Habits, The Bills, The Poots, Buck Biloxi & The Fucks, A Hanging.

Friday, July 13, Check Point Charlie, Free: The Pallbearers, The Sluts, Before I Hang, Disappointed Parents, Horror Cult, Dummy Dumpster, F’n A-Holes

Friday, July 13, Dragon’s Den, Free: Interior Decorating, Hot Rails To Hell, Ditch Witch, Fat Camp, The Worst

Saturday, July 14, Siberia, $10 (with Hi-Ho show below): Electric Frankenstein, Swingin’ Dicks, Love Sores, Free To Kill Again, Die Rotzz, Super Destroyers

Saturday, July 14, Hi-Ho Lounge, $10 (with Siberia show above): The Switchblade Kid, Hawgjaw, Urban Disposal, Toxic Rott, Donkey Puncher, Ubi Ubo

Sunday, July 15, Circle Bar, $5: Fat Stupid Ugly People, Split () Lips, Classhole, Indian Givers, The Suzies, Hot Coke Sex