Bella Blue performing in the 2018 David Bowie tribute. Photo by Michael Dominici

Bella Blue & local musicians to pay burlesque tribute to David Bowie

January 8 marked the late David Bowie’s birthday. As such, ’tis the season for tributes to the singular icon, who passed away in 2016.

New Orleans burlesque performer Bella Blue and Darcy Malone and the Tangle/Vox and the Hound guitarist Rory Callais have taken the charge on producing one of the city’s favorite Bowie tributes. Now in its third year, the show mixes burlesque performance with live music from local musicians.

The 2019 edition of the show is entitled Oh! You Pretty Things: a David Bowie Burlesque and Live Music Tribute and takes place Saturday, January 12, at One Eyed Jacks. 

Along with Bella Blue,  Xena Zeit-Geist, Lune Noirr, Franky Canga, Grandma Fun and Liza Rose will perform burlesque. The soundtrack, which will feature “the sounds that made David Bowie a cultural icon,” will be performed with Callais plus Darcy Malone, Sweet Crude’s Alexis Marceaux, Vox and the Hound’s Leo DeJesus, and Little Maker and the Essentials’ Micah McKee.

“We had an incredible experience last time and really felt the show came into its own,” says Callais. “The challenge became making the show better the third time around while allowing it to evolve. We changed up the roster of performers and musicians, and moved the venue and date. One Eyed Jacks is a great fit for this show, and we really think the energy surrounding Bowie’s birth and death anniversaries will make for a special night.”

Oh! You Pretty Things sponsor Elektra Cosmetics will offer their products and apply glitter, allowing the audience to indulge their glam rock sensibilities. “David Bowie was hugely influential in music, fashion, and visual art,” says Callais, adding “we feel this show is an incredible opportunity to honor his full impact on culture while also providing the audience a unique, immersive experience.”

There will be two shows, the first at 8 p.m. and another at 10:30 p.m. Tickets for either performance are available here.