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DJ RQ Away To Host “Lagniappe” Dance Party At Tipitina’s

Homegrown NOLA DJ RQ AWAY (pronounced: “Rock-away”) has been garnered attention in the local scene for over a decade. His style is hardly definable within the narrow confines of traditional genre. Inspired by sounds as diverse as European horn ensembles, African beats, hip-hop and reggae, DJ RQ AWAY has earned a viable name for himself in the pulse of the Crescent City. The DJ’s eclectic sound has since expanded outside of New Orleans, heard within the walls of posh bars in New York and London. Next weekend, he’ll return to Tipitina’s for the newest installment of his “Lagniappe” series.

Growing up in the Big Easy, RQ AWAY found himself inspired by the diverse range of musical influences the city had to offer. The sounds of the Caribbean, R&B, bounce, and jazz heard woven together in his music can be traced back to his early exposure to the genre-bending styles of NOLA musicians. He’s an expert at seamlessly spinning together different styles to create ambient mixes. As a testament to his roots, RQ AWAY has since launched his own citywide brand, AWAYTEAM, to serve the New Orleans community and bring people together through alternative clubbing spaces and a network for local artists. The city can also catch him at his Tipping Point residency.

RQ AWAY has long earned his place as a leader in the city’s DJing scene. He boasts an original sound and takes a unique approach to dance music as a community-creating opportunity for the city. Check out his website here to read more about the artist, his brand, and upcoming events. Don’t miss DJ RQ Away Presents: Lagniappe w/ PRO$PER JONE$ on Saturday, January 27, 11 p.m. at Tipitina’s. Doors open at 10 p.m. and tickets can be bought either online or at the door for $5.  Check out the video below to see footage of a previous DJ RQ Away Presents event.