Dumpstaphunk, Trombone Shorty Release Politically-Charged Music Video for “Justice”

Last year, in honor of Election Day, Dumpstaphunk and Trombone Shorty teamed up to release a politically-charged anthem called “Justice.” Now, on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, the collaborators have unveiled a socially conscious music video to go along with the track.

“This song is basically our current take on the message of equal opportunity and the right to a decent life for all humans. The human part is that major common thread that some other humans have the ability to ignore,” said Dumpstaphunk frontman Ivan Neville. “This song is to remind people that we are all in this together no matter what your beliefs, race, or any other perceived differences. When you look at how far we’ve come and think about all the progress we’ve made and then think about how far we still have to go. That’s when you need justice in all its form.”

As noted in a press release, release of Dumpstaphunk’s new video coincides with Inauguration Day, “which is a day that has always represented the strength of the country’s democracy, the transfer of power, and a one that should inspire hope in the American people. The song’s overall message of equality provides the soundtrack for the video that showcases the current political climate, as the American people usher in a new President.” The video debuted via Billboard earlier today.

The last few weeks have been big for Dumpstaphunk, who just picked up an award for Best R&B/Funk Artist at yesterday’s Best of the Beat Music Awards. Keyboardist and frontman Ivan Neville also sat in with the Red Hot Chili Peppers last week, joining them, the Rebirth Brass Band, Trombone Shorty and George Porter Jr. for a jammed out “Give It Away” finale in New Orleans.

In related news, a recent piece from OffBeat looked back at Trombone Shorty’s visits to the White House during the Obama years.

  • Lisa Paddison


  • Michael Burns

    The next 4 years is going to be a very productive time for the arts. This right here is a fine example!

  • B. Roberts

    Disappointed in people who want justice and equality but won’t give it to our new president. Love these musicians, but there really is something to be said for sticking to what you know and are good at.

    • Jjazznola

      “sticking to what you know and are good at” I believe that is what they are doing right here. Our new president has mocked a disabled reporter, bragged about groping woman and walking in on under aged women changing their clothes and said that he does not like POWs because they got caught. And you want us to respect this clown?

    • Stan Beyerman

      PLEASE tell us what Mein Drumpf is good at?

      We haven’t seen his tax returns. Why?

      We haven’t see his medical records. Why?

      Likely because he is a sick, poor poser. I suspect it’s syphilitic dementia

      Etymology: L, de + mens, mind
      a form of dementia resulting from a syphilis infection. Specific symptoms may vary from memory impairment to personality changes and are severe enough to interfere with social and occupational activities. If untreated, the disease may progress to dementia paralytica, paralysis, and death.