Exclusive Free Preview:
Save the Sunlight by Yugen

On Saturday, September 20, Yugen will be performing live at Gasa Gasa in celebration of their debut album, Save the Sunlight.

Yugen, Save the Sunlight, OffBeat MagazineThe band has also given OffBeat readers an exclusive first listen, so you can hear Save the Sunlight first right here before Saturday night’s show.

Yugen is composed of six formally trained jazz musicians delivering content that refuses to be confined by the boundaries of genre.

Within the deeply layered synths and vibrant drum patterns of the band’s original compositions can be found elements of various musical backgrounds.

This will be the first full length LP from the sextet. Although you should be more than satisfied with the content and production of the album, it falls short of capturing the energy and dynamic atmosphere of a live Yugen set.

Yojimbo, Sexual Thunder, Mulherin, and DJ Papi Wallah B are also on the list of artists down to make the Save the Sunlight release party a memorable experience.

Doors open at 8 p.m. Saturday, September 20, and tickets are available now for $10 through Ticket Web.