Fan Funding: Billy Iuso

New Orleans funk guitar mainstay Billy Iuso has turned to crowdfunding site to raise money for his next album.

As Iuso explains in a post aptly titled “Let’s make some music!” on the site, he has lined up Grammy winning producer Tracey Freeman to help him with the new project.

Billy Iuso, Kim Welsh, OffBeat Magazine

Photo by Kim Welsh

“I will be recording here in New Orleans and have recruited many amazing musicians to make this happen,” Iuso says. “I feel this is some of the best music I have ever written or played and I’m excited to share it with you all!”

Iuso’s campaign aims to raise a total of $12,000. The donations will go to studio time, hiring an engineer, covering musician session costs, mastering the album, and paying for a producer and for a graphic designer. Once the album is ready to go, a portion of the donations will also cover the production and distribution of copies.

Donations have been divided into seven different levels, starting with the $25 “Trippin’” level, which awards donors with a digital copy of the new CD, a signed poster, and a surprise gift.

For $1,000, fans can become the “Duke of Earle,” and receive a 30 minute Skype concert, a signed CD and poster, copies of Iuso’s entire CD catalog, and they will be named as an Associate Producer on the CD.

There is no set end date for the promotion, which began on July 23 and raised close to 15 percent of his goal in the first 19 days thanks to 23 donations.

Click here to pledge your support for the project

  • Geaux My Own Fund Way

    I had an interesting experience last night when I tried to donate via I entered my donation amount, my required email address, but when I found out they didn’t accept PayPal (where I keep my donation slush fund) I didn’t complete the form. In fact, I closed down the web page entirely.

    Half an hour later I received an email from It started out, “Hi! You didn’t finish your $50 donation…” WTF? You saved my email address from my deleted form and are now chasing me around like a collection agency? WTF? And you think I’d trust you with my credit card info??

    “You are receiving this email because you are a registered GoFundMe user or donor.”

    No, I’m not. Never was. But you guys are tacky and sleazy, and I wouldn’t use your site again for any reason. I’ll be sending in my donation via personal check.

    Please post a snail address, Billy, and good luck with the project!