Fan Funding: Davis Rogan

Musician, satirist, and connoisseur of wine Davis Rogan has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his forthcoming DAVIS album.

Rogan has enlisted Andre Bohren to produce the album, which will be recorded at the illustrious Esplanade Studios, also used by Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, and Dr. John.

Davis Rogan

“I’ve noticed that some of these Kickstarter narratives are very revealing and specific about the content of work they are about to capture. It seems to me that that’s no fun,” Rogan said in a post on the site. “I have an album title, and it’s very clever. The songs, about a dozen of them, are also very clever, and I would like you, the donor, to be surprised by them. If you like what I’ve done so far, you’re gonna love the new one.”

Rogan hopes to raise $20,000 by August 27, 2014. The bulk of the funds will go towards studio time, in addition to mixing and mastering, musician’s fees, producer’s fee, layout and artwork graphics, pressing of CD’s and vinyl, publicity, and Kickstarter and Amazon’s fees. If Rogan is able to reach his goal, he says that he will be back trying to raise more money for a larger publicity budget.

There are seven different levels of donations, ranging from $20 or more to $750 or more. Each level holds a unique gift for backers, including a copy of the forthcoming album, t-shirts, personalized Rogan original tunes, and, for $750, donators can be listed as “Executive Producer” of the album.

All donors who pledge $20 or more will also receive a digital download of an album of songs Rogan wrote for his namesake character on the HBO series Treme.

Per Kickstarter rules, if the balance of $20,000 is not met by August 27, Rogan will not receive any of the pledged funds.

Currently, $5,245 has been donated by 96 backers, meaning another $14,755 must be raised in nine days for Rogan to receive funding.

Click here to pledge your support for the project