Loose Cattle. Photo: Todd Cerveris

Fight Back Seasonal Affective Disorder With Loose Cattle’s New Videos

Loose Cattle’s recently released album, Seasonal Affective Disorder, contains a track list teeming with covers of Christmas classics and holiday originals.

“Don’t Make Your Mama Cry On Christmas Day” is one of the standout original tracks. Bandleader Michael Cerveris co-wrote the song with Louis Michot and Andre Michot of the Lost Bayou Ramblers. The music video accompanying the track features both Cerveris and Michot,  and Kimberly Kaye, the co-leader of Loose Cattle, as well as Louis Michot’s wife Ashley on the triangle. Many other friends of the musicians are also shown throughout the video, including John Boutte, Spider Stacy, Davis Rogan, Debbie Davis, and local actors Nick Slie and Todd D’Amour. “Don’t Make Your Mama Cry On Christmas Day” opens with typical Christmas festivities: hanging up mistletoe, ornaments and baking. Filmed on location in Bayou St. John, a new “band member” is featured: baby Marius, Ashlee and Louis Michot’s unborn son, with “a very tiny heartbeat.”

LOOSE CATTLE with LOST BAYOU RAMBLERS (Louis and Andre Michot) — Don’t Make Your Mama Cry On Christmas Day (official video) from Loose Cattle on Vimeo.

The second video release accompanies another original track from Loose Cattle, “Shepherds in a Parking Lot.” Written by Kimberly Kaye and Cerveris, the video was filmed in New Jersey and Brooklyn rather than New Orleans.

As with the bulk of Loose Cattle’s tracks, the songs on Seasonal Affective Disorder display each band member’s specific instrumental talents. “Shepherds in a Parking Lot” features Cerveris on guitar, Kaye singing, Jon Graboff on pedal steel, Justin Smith on fiddle, Bennett Sullivan on banjo, Lorenzo Wolff on bass, and Eddy Zweiback on drums. This one follows the point of view of a lamb on the loose, wandering through a farm in New Jersey before ending up in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This may or may not be a nod to the band’s name, but the video is endearing nonetheless. Loose Cattle makes sure to reference their furry costar, giving “special thanks to Jack, the lamb, his pal Friday, and all the rock and roll animals of Winfield Farm.”

LOOSE CATTLE — Shepherds In A Parking Lot (official video) from Loose Cattle on Vimeo.