Photo by Noe Cugny.

George Porter Jr, Ivan Neville to Perform with James Brown Band

New Orleans favorites George Porter Jr. and Ivan Neville will perform with the James Brown Band when the group takes the stage at Charleston Music Hall in Charleston, SC on Wednesday, September 14.

James_Brown_bandThe modern day James Brown Band features a number of artists that performed in the legendary singer’s last touring band before he passed away in 2006. The lineup includes Tony Cook, Leroy “Funky” Harper, Robert “Mousey” Thompson, Fred Thomas, George “Spike” Nealy, Hollie Farris, Danny Ray, Keith Jenkins, Jeff Watkins (who now plays with the New Orleans Suspects), Amy Christian and Cynthia Moore. Famed trombonist Fred Wesley, who was an integral member of Brown’s 1960s/1970s backing bands the James Brown Orchestra and The J.B.s, will also join the group in Charleston.

This incarnation of the James Brown Band will be fronted by special guest singers Elise Testone and Brent Carter, who will hold down Brown’s lead vocal duties during the show. Other guests include Chris Rob, Quiana Parker and Mike Quinn.

A portion of the proceeds from the event will go to the James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils, an Augusta, GA-based music education nonprofit run by the James Brown Family Foundation. Tickets for the show are currently on sale.