[Updated] Glen David Andrews in rehab pending court appearance

[Updated: 12:00pm, August 1, 2012]
Glen David Andrews in rehab pending court appearance

The Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office will allow Glen David Andrews to pursue his rehabilitation in a drug detox program before facing pending charges before the court, it was announced Wednesday. A hearing is scheduled for August 31st at which time the court will be given an update on Andrews’ progress in the Massachusetts program.

“The important thing is that Glen gets to continue his rehab,” said Andrews’ manager Kimball Packard. “On August 31st his attorney will be given a chance to file a plea and give an update on how he’s progressing. Glen plans to return to New Orleans and defend himself against these charges. The important thing for him now is to concentrate on becoming clean and sober.”
Packard posted this message on Facebook Wednesday morning: “Glen is doing well at rehab, a process which began on July 24th. The state is going to allow him to continue his treatment to completion. After that, (three months from now), he will return to Louisiana to face the charges, which, by then hopefully, will be back to the original misdemeanor he was charged with. Thanks to all for your prayers and good wishes, I am passing them along to him.”

[Original post: 9:30pm, July 31, 2012]

Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Canizzaro’s office brought a charge of attempted murder against musician Glen David Andrews Tuesday at the criminal courthouse in New Orleans.

Glen David Andrews Charged with Murder. Photo by Aaron Lafont

Trombone player Glen David Andrews was charged with attempted murder on July 30, 2012. Photo by Aaron Lafont.

The trombonist cancelled recent bookings including a headlining gig at this weekend’s Satchmo Summer Fest in order to enter a drug rehabilitation facility in Massachusetts. Andrews was represented at Tuesday’s hearing by attorney Robert Hjortsberg, who expected to enter a plea in Andrews’ absence. Though Andrews had been charged with aggravated assault at the time of his arrest, Canizzaro’s office decided to raise the charge to attempted murder at the arraignment.
“Glen had a dispute with his girl friend,” said Andrews’ manager Kimball Packard, “who filed a battery charge against him. Between that happening and today somebody in the DA’s office saw fit to escalate the charge from simple battery to attempted murder. On July 24, Glen went through a week of detox and is now recovering. The attorney was going to file a plea in absentia. He had all the paperwork in order. The attorney went to court and found out that the charge was not a simple misdemeanor.” 
Both sides will return to court Wednesday to pursue their arguments.

  • Danielle Jeffcoat

    Praying for you Glen!!  Get healthy, and come home 🙂 

  • Gnf

    I wish him the best.

  • Muffinsills

    Every 9seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten due to Domestic violence

  •  I do, as well. It’s horrible what happened, but we need to support anyone, celebrity or layperson, who needs help with addiction. It’s a terrible disease, and we need to stop vilifying addicts.