Goldman Thibodeaux and the Lawtell Playboys, Blackpot Festival, Vermilionville, Lafayette, Oct. 27, 2018: Goldman Thibodeaux

Goldman Thibodeaux Inducted into the Order of Living Legends

The voice of Louisiana Creole heritage remains alive and thriving as Goldman Thibodeaux enters the Order of Living Legends in the Acadian Museum of Erath, La. Granted this honor at the Zydeco Capital Jam this past Saturday, December 14, Thibodeaux preserves the “La La” music that still remains recognizable through the unique acoustic and accordion melodies prevalent throughout the rural homes of St. Landry Parish and surrounding area before World War II. 

The historic art form laid the groundwork for modern zydeco and began a revival of Creole music. Darrel Bourque, former state poet laureate, said, “He is of mixed Creole and Cajun bloodlines and represents the best of both cultures, as well as, more broadly, Louisiana’s gumbo cultures and America’s melting pot cultures.” Thibodeaux frequently calls upon his childhood memories of Creole and Cajun music and remains a living memorial of Louisiana’s rich music and cultural history. 

Along with his induction into the Order of Living Legends, Thibodeaux also received the Folklife Heritage Award in 2014, and he was featured at the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Bright Lights Literacy Awards. Importantly, several of Thibodeaux’s originals focus on an appreciation for family and friends, and he serves as an example of how to respect memories lost in changing times. As Bourque said, “He treats the earth as he treats his music and community, his neighbours and his family —with love and respect.” 

Thibodeaux preserves the Creole culture of Louisiana beyond music as well. He actively participates in French tables throughout the region in an effort to keep Louisiana history alive. A down to earth artist, he speaks to his roots and always remains close to the heritage that formed him.

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