Grayson Brockamp and the New Orleans Wildlife Band. Photo courtesy of the artist

Catch Grayson Brockamp And New Orleans Wildlife Band At Snug Harbor

Bassist Grayson Brockamp and his New Orleans Wildlife Band will return to Snug Harbor on Thursday to play a taste of the music that has brought the young band their new found success.

Founded in the Fall of 2016, the band is the first release of Nicholas Payton’s, trumpeter and mentor to Brockamp, new record label, Paytone Records. They released their first, self-titled EP on September 28, 2017, showing their appreciation for Black music in America with a salute of strings, brass and buttery smooth vocals in the key of jazz and gospel.

Since the release, not only has Grayson Brockamp and the New Orleans Wildlife Band as whole enjoyed success, but individual band members have as well. Lead singer Bailey Hinton, with his voice that feels like you could spread it over your mama’s biscuits on christmas morning, performed at Serena Williams wedding reception. Saxophonist Ricardo Pascal was tapped to perform in New York with renowned pianist Marcus Roberts. Drummer Simon Lott, Pianist Shea Pierre and trumpeter Ashlin Parker round out the rest of the band.

If you miss the band on Thursday at Snug Harbor, you can catch them at 7 p.m. every Wednesday at Marigny Brasserie starting in January of 2018.

For the Snug Harbor show, the band will perform at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. You can purchase tickets for $15 here.