The Jonas Brothers perform in New Orleans on October 12, 2019. Photo by Jessica Alysia

Happiness Begins at a Jonas Brothers Concert (Review)

I want to be perfectly clear: I have never been a Jonas Brothers fan. In fact, at the height of their career I was more involved with the hip-hop/rap scene and thought the teen music phase was a little overplayed — but I was also loyal to BSB. I am from the era of Backstreet Boys and *N’Sync! How dare I even think of ‘getting to know’ another boy band?!

The brothers’ latest album, Happiness Begins, is one of growth and for me? It’s more relatable now that we are in the same age range, experiencing the same life events (Yes, I’m getting old). It’s a beautiful album and one that my husband is fond of, so I figured, “Let’s go and I’ll see what this whole craze was about when I was younger and see if I can be converted into a Jonas Brothers fan.” Hey, if Drew Brees can do it, I can as well.

The first opener, Jordan McGraw, was a tone setter. I will say that a girl I was setting next to informed me that he was Dr. Phil’s son. I couldn’t unsee a white tank-top wearing, tattoo-covered Dr. Phil, as McGraw continued playing his hits “Flexible” and “Met at a Party.” McGraw was a great addition to the opening act roster as he pumped up the fans for the next act, had fans dancing, singing along, and screaming for the main act, the Jo Bros.

The highlight for me, talent wise, was Bebe Rexha, hands down. I have heard a few of her songs before, as she is a hit maker and is featured on many popular songs on the radio both past and present. I love the song she did with Florida Georgia Line. Man! That girl can really sing, she was better live than anything I’ve heard her do on the radio or on streaming platforms. She covered Post Malone which was fantastic. I loved that she mixed in rock, country, pop and rap. Not to mention, she is an incredible performer! She engaged the crowed by bringing two fans in the pit up on stage for a good, old-fashioned ‘twerk’ contest, where the two fans went absolutely wild. Rexha stated that each of the women were the ‘winners,’ spreading a beautiful message of body positivity through her femininity, strength, celebrity, and her curves for days. I am such a fan of a celebrity who uses her platform to show our younger generation that people are beautiful on the outside, but what REALLY matters is our beauty on the inside. Bebe Rexha definitely made that message more than clear to fans. What is better than a kick ass vocalist/performer who also sends out body positive messages for young women each night she is in stage?! Her set was amazing, on every level.

The ‘Happiness Begins Tour’ also featured DJ Deleasa. I have photographed many famous DJs so I can be a bit judgmental when it comes to reviewing them, especially those who don’t DJ but play a pre-made mix and blend together. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the tour’s DJ choice, however, right before the Jonas Bro’s took the stage, he knew exactly what to do to hype the crowd and get them ready for the main act. Songs like “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston; superstar Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts”; some Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, Top 40 Pop, and 90’s Pop remixes filled the set. The entire Smoothie King Center was dancing and singing along, with drinks in hand, with their bestie or their mom.

Now, the main event. I have never seen anything like this concert in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I have been to some of the biggest festivals around, seen some of the most popular musicians in the world, but NEVER have I EVER, seen fans like Jonas Brothers fans. 2005 is when the ‘Bros’ hit the scene. I was a senior in high school (don’t go subtracting from 2019 to figure out my age, rude!). I couldn’t care less about the Jonas Brothers back then. I am from the Bay Area, California, and my sole focus was on R&B, hip-hop, and my beloved Mac Dre (if you don’t know, learn). I did have a small addiction to the boy bands of “my day,” being a part of the absolutely insane decade of Teen Beat, Destiny’s Child, N*Sync, NOW! Hits! and trying to make sure that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake lasted forever. But a Jonas Brother fan, I was not. Well, not until last night.

jonas brothers

The Jonas Brothers perform in New Orleans on October 12, 2019. Photo by Jessica Alysia

The Jonas Brothers perform in New Orleans on October 12, 2019. Photo by Jessica Alysia

The coolest part of the show was realizing that fans have been fans since 2005 and have remained loyal and diehard fans, despite all three brothers being married and a 13-year hiatus. Now? They’re GROWN! Jo Bro fans have driver’s licenses, can legally drink alcohol (oh, they were definitely knockin’ em back), and possibly have had kids since becoming fans. Fans knew every single lyric, never stopped screaming (my ears are still ringing), and were jumping up and down with excitement at the start of EVERY song they played. A highlight was that Nick and Joe Jonas got the chance to play some of their hit singles from their solo careers. The amazing mini-movie playing on the jumbo screen paralleled their lives currently and featured actors mimicking them as kids. They played hit after hit after hit, from their newest album all the way back to their first album, and the crowd never died down. Fans showed up in 40-degree weather on a Tuesday night and went absolutely wild for these once teen idols.

If you are curious about these guys, go. They will turn you from a semi-hater to dancing with your fan-boy husband.