Jazz Fest 2019 Brass Passes Nixed for Second Thursday


Brass Passes this year will only work for seven of the eight days of Jazz Fest. Brass Passes won’t be usable on Thursday May 2, which is going to be set aside as a commemorative day for the 50th anniversary of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.


It’s unclear if people who have already purchased their 2019 Brass Passes for the festival will be able to use their Brass Pass for entry into the WWOZ Tent on May 2 this year, as WWOZ management is still working out details with Festival Productions, the Jazz Fest producers.


Reportedly, May 2 will have a separate, higher ticket price as it’s scheduled to feature big-name performers, none of whom have yet been confirmed, although the clear front-runner has been rumored to be the Rolling Stones.


Who else should play on that day?


  • Dusk Lipton

    While I live in New Orleans and this is NOT a problem for me, how about people who bought a Brass Pass and are flying into New Orleans on Thursday, April 25, planning on using their Brass Pass for seven days of JF? Unless they’re on a very early plane, they won’t be able to use their Brass Pass on that newly added day–Thursday, April 25. And since they now won’t be able to use it on Thursday, May 2, they’ll be getting only six days use of their Brass Pass. This is totally unfair to them. I sure hope they can demand a refund. This problem was caused 100% by JazzFest. They need to take the responsibility of remedying it.