Jazz Fest Food, weekend one


This weekend I had the cochon du lait po-boy (one of the few things worth standing in line for), Jamila’s merguez and tagine, dibbi (which was not what I expected. Instead of chunks of grilled steak in a pita, it was shavings of grilled steak with onions and a sauce), cracklins, boudin (which seemed a little meek after Cochon Butcher’s boudin) and Fireman Mike’s crazy-good alligator sauce piquante. All were strong, and I’d eat them all again next week if there wasn’t so much left to get to.

I’m not usually someone who considers value – a good bite’s a good bite, whatever the cost – but it’s hard for me to drop $6 for the Cuban sandwich considering how the same money used to buy a significantly larger als0-good sandwich. I’d recommend the Creole cream cheesecake with strawberries even if it weren’t a good deal, but I have to observe that you get a lot of pie for your $5. You can’t be in a hurry, though. It seemed to take a while to spoon the strawberries on top.