Jon Cleary performs at Jazz Fest 2018. Photo by Noé Cugny

Jon Cleary Announces New Album And Releases Dyna-Mite New Single

On July 13, Jon Cleary will release a ten-song LP, Dyna-Mite, on Thirty Tigers. Outside of the Taj Mahal-assisted “21st Century Gypsy Singing Lover Man,” Cleary wrote the album himself.

The pianist and songwriter has released the self-titled single, which has been described as “a rollicking march through the French Quarter, taking cues from the old cats in saloons, studios and street parades.” Indeed, “Dyna-Mite” is a quintessentially New Orleans joint, which the Grammy-winning Cleary says came to him “unbidden and complete, on a plane as we were about to take off for an overseas tour.” Inspired in part by an old tour poster of Etta James billed as “Li’l Miss Dyna-mite,” the record includes support from Leo Nocentelli and Jamison Ross, both of whom lend their individual formulas of TNT.

Check out “Dyna-Mite” and, below, pre-order the forthcoming album.

Pre-order Dyna-Mite:

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