Kabuki Dancers feat. Kween Mo & Collin (percussionist)

Kabuki Dancers to debut gun-violence inspired show ‘Shots Fired’

“Shots Fired” is a new program started by performance education group Kabuki Dancers that seeks to educate the youth about the emotions they may experience in the face of school shootings, preventative drills, and other challenges through dance, music, and spoken word. The program entails methods of dealing with negative emotions such as anger and frustration and how to productively channel these emotions through creative outlets.

The overarching goal of the program is to make the audience aware of the emotions they may face and how to use self-expression as a reminder of what is most important in their lives. 

Kabuki Dancers is a performing arts collective from Lafayette, Louisiana who works within the local library and public school system to educate and influence the community through live drums, poetry, and dance. The group’s past project, “Never Give Up!” focused on the value of determination and perseverance in achieving goals and “Drop the B.E.A.T (Bullying Ends After Talking)” highlighted the importance of compassion and anti-bullying. The newest interactive program, “Shots Fired,” was inspired by the increasing rates of youth gun violence, a prevalent issue in Louisiana. 

Kabuki Dancers programs have reached an audience of over 100,000 kids so far in the state of Louisiana. The group continues to engage with the youth through their live, interactive programs as well as online. 

“Shots Fired” premieres on Thursday, January 23 at 4:30 p.m. at the Boys & Girls Club, located in the NFL-YET Club. The Boys & Girls Club NFL-YET is found at 1140 S. Broad Street. Before the program begins, there will be influential guest speakers to introduce the program to the audience.

More information on “Shots Fired” or the Kabuki Dancers can be found on their website