King Cake Hub is open for business! Photo courtesy of @kingcakehub / Instagram

King Cake Hub to offer 50+ varieties of cakes for 2020 Carnival Season

It’s almost everyone’s favorite time of year again. King Cake time. With so many unique and tasty recipes, Will Samuels — owner of the King Cake Hub — is here to help you pick the perfect King Cake. On December 16, he announced the official lineup of the King Cake flavors and bakeries contributing to the 2020 Carnival season. The retail King Cake shop will return to the Mystère Mansion, home of the Mortuary Haunted House, at 4800 Canal St. in Mid-City New Orleans. 

Among the seemingly endless flavors to be excited about, the Dragon Claw takes the cake — literally —  with its worldwide debut on January 6. This unique cake developed by Caluda’s Bakery features a flaky laminate Danish dough and cream-cheese icing. Samuels promised, “You may think that you have had your favorite king cake, but you haven’t — yet.” This special cake will run out fast as only 50 will be made per day and sold exclusively at King Cake Hub. 

Joined by other exclusive cakes such as last year’s best-selling Epiphany King Cake developed in partnership with Gambino’s Bakery and the Chocolate Cream Cheese from West Bank’s own Hi Do Bakery, you will not want to miss out on these delicious New Orleans delicacies. In addition, Bywater Bakery will bring its own special flare with the new Azul Dulce Blueberry King Cake and Girls Gone Vegan will offer a delicious catalog of different vegan and gluten-free flavors featuring Lemon Lavender, Cherry Chip, Strawberry & Cream, Rum Raisin, Banana Nut, Apple Pecan and Caramel Mocha. 

District DSB will present an “Old School” as well as a “New School” King Cake, and Chef Amy Boudreaux, who recently joined Zuppardo’s, will provide a Death by Chocolate, Pumpkin Cannoli and a Blueberry Lemon Chantilly (last year’s winner at the King Cake Festival). Moreover, Mid-City’s new Mayhew Bakery will join this superstar lineup with Cinnamon (Traditional), Cream Cheese and Cherry Cream Cheese King Cakes. If that is not enough to get your mouth watering and your feet dashing towards Mid-City in search of the perfect King Cake, individual-size cakes will be available from Big Boy’s Ooey Gooeys along with Caluda’s. Gambino’s and Cannata’s and Slidell-based SugarLove Bakery will sell individual portions of King Cake on a Stick, King Cake Nuggets and King Cake Bread Pudding. Suffice it to say, King Cake Hub as you covered this Carnival season with an incredible amount of exclusive king cake specials. 

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