Lil Wayne Turns 30, Dethrones Elvis and Opens 9th Ward Skate Park

New Orleans-born rap superstar Lil Wayne celebrated his thirtieth birthday today (September 27) to the news that he had supplanted Elvis for the most number of songs to land on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. With 109 credits to his name, the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive,” known for his outrageous quips and prodigious output, can now lay claim to the to the title “hottest recording artist dead, alive, or otherwise suspected.”

Unlike the King, whose singular voice shaped his rise, the vast majority of cuts (67 in sum) featuring Weezy’s unequivocal rhymes — dating back to his first chart appearance on Juvenile’s “Back that Azz Up” (1999) — came by way of collaboration or guest appearance. More impressively, the Hollygrove native needed only 13 years to knock the King from his throne.

Yesterday (September 26), Wayne made a guest appearance in his hometown, giving local fans a peek into his latest pursuit, skateboarding, at the opening of the DEWeezy Project Skatepark in the Lower 9th Ward Village center. Akin to his chart-busting joints, the project came to life as part of a year-long collaboration between the hip-hop artist, Mountain Dew, the Make It Right foundation, the GLU agency and California Skateparks.

OffBeat’s Elsa Hahne attended the event and captured these sweet shots of the free-wheeling rapper’s ride.

Lil-Wayne DEWeezy Project Skatepark photo by Elsa Hahne

Lil Wayne rides the ramps at the DEWeezy Project Skatepark, photo by Elsa Hahne

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  • Keith Dickerson

    Happy birthday my best rapper ever when 2pac left

  • irie cadogan

    to my boo lil wayne omg i love u so much even tho i;m only 15 yrs of age i still i promiss my self i av to meet u b4 i die love ur songs so much too