Little Freddie King. Photo: Stephen Maloney

Little Freddie King Announces Return To Performing After Serious Accident

Last month, reported on Little Freddie King’s temporary hiatus from performing after he suffered serious injuries in a bicycle accident. At the time, “Wack-O” Wade Wright, King’s manager, confirmed that Freddie had been riding his favorite bike down Poland Avenue, and hit some debris that caused the bike to flip him over the handlebars and head-first into the street. Suffering compression of his vertebrae, there was fear King’s ability to play the guitar would be permanently affected. However, an announcement today (November 28) suggests King is well on his way to recovery.

Wright has shared with details of Little Freddie King’s return to the stage, which takes place on Saturday, December 2 at d.b.a. (618 Frenchmen St.). According to his statement, the show is an attempt to “see how da King responds to his guitar,” adding “he has been working daily on regaining his strength and says he is ready to go.” King has made the decision to forego surgery until January and will also be in the market for a new mode of transportation. “He won’t be riding his Cadillac any more after that nasty header he did on the concrete street,” says Wright. “He’s looking for a three wheeler, something that won’t flip easy. If someone would like to donate it, the King may back in the saddle again.”

Little Freddie King’s return kicks off at 11 p.m. with $10 tickets available at the door.