Low End Theory Players’ hip-hop retrospective goes from Herc to twerk

This Saturday, October 20, the city’s pre-eminent hip-hop cover band will put on an expansive performance paying homage to decades of rap history.

“From Herc to Twerk” is the latest concert event from The Low End Theory Players, led by bandleader Derrick Freeman. In the past, the group has put on tributes to A Tribe Called Quest and OutKast, but this time is taking a much more ambitious approach.

herctotwerkThe event gets its name from DJ Kool Herc, largely considered to be the founding father of hip-hop culture. The Bronx, NY is credited with being the innovator of emphasizing the drum break in records and isolating it to allow folks to dance to it. From there, “breakdancing” and MCing became distinguishable elements and hip-hop culture was born. As such, folks in the building on Saturday can expect to hear music from rap’s genesis through contemporary records to make you twerk it out.

Or, in Freeman’s words, “To all you mark ass trick ass busters pay attention. It’s going down Saturday at Tip’s. Don’t be moving in Slow Motion, get your ass in gear. Unless you old like Peter Piper or Paul Revere. I want you to keep your hands up and Get Em High! Fa shizzle my nizzle. Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe. ‘Cause you know The Stakes is High.  Pimp Hard or Die Tryin’. I Choose You, so Push It!”

Freeman (aka Mr. Smoker) will be joined by fellow MCs Koan, Matt Peoples, Lebaron, Sean C.,  Jermaine Quiz, Keng, Vegas Cola and Cole Williams. Musicians backing them up include Drew Meez on keys, Khris Royal on bass, Ari Teitel on guitar, Terence Houston on drums, Luke Quaranta on percussion, James Martin on sax and Ricio on trumpet. Quiz will be the DJ, too.

From Herc to Twerk-A History of Hip-Hop goes down at Tipitina’s and $15 tickets are available here. However, we’re giving away a pair on the OffBeat Instagram.