Lower Dens: High on the Buzz

Geoff Graham is happy. He’s the bassist for Lower Dens, a Baltimore-based rock group whose latest album, Nootropics (pronounced no-eh-tro-pics), has earned them a headlining tour and recognition from indie cheerleaders Pitchfork and NPR.


Lower Dens began when Graham met elusive frontwoman Jana Hunter. Three years and two members later, the group released their first album, Twin-Hand Movement. After adding yet another member, Nootropics followed, the second of what the band envisions as a four-album cycle. Although Hunter has bounced around from band to band in the past, it seems like she’ll be staying put in the Dens for awhile.

The band originated as what Graham describes as a typical rock band—two guitars, bass and drums. Influenced by electronic music more lately, the band is now experimenting with keyboards and a light projector. Not coincidentally, Nootropics examines technology and its relationship to human kind. Tracks like “Propagation,” “Brains,” and “Lamb” all feature electric sounds and Hunter’s eerie, androgenic voice—the two are proving to be a solid combination.


The band loves coming to New Orleans is excited that they get to again this year. Lower Dens will be at One Eyed Jacks on June 23. No Joy, Ellie Beziat, and the Dropout open the show. Tickets are $12.