Get Brassy! Madd Wikkid’s Brassft Punk Drops “Get Lucky” Cover

Last summer producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Earl Scioneaux III, commonly known as the electro savant Madd Wikkid, scored $20,000 in crowdfunding via Kickstarter for his brass band salute to groundbreaking electronic duo Daft Punk, Brassft Punk. Released in March, the four-song album, which features raucous renditions of club classics such as “Around the World” and “One More Time,” has gone on to wow critics, fans, and brass band and EDM aficionados alike, and Scioneaux has gone on to take his brass-tronic trip to the stage, performing at New Orleans’ Buku Music + Arts Festival in March and at Gulf Shores’ Hangout Festival in May.

Brassft Punk, Earl Scioneaux III, studio

Brassft Punk mastermind Madd Wikkid

In the time since Brassft Punk’s release, Daft Punk dropped the synth-funk-infused Random Access Memories, which, on the strength of the Pharrell Williams-assisted party anthem “Get Lucky,” has gone on to top the charts (literally) around the world. Following suit, last week Scioneaux put his on spin on the 2013 summer smash and served up a Brassft Punk rendition of the song. Have a listen below, and head over to the Madd Wikkid’s Bandcamp page where you can nab the cut along with the track “Brassft Dfunct” for a mere $2.00 as part of the two-tune album Get Brassy. For producers and DJs interested in remixing, sampling or mashing up the Madd Wikkid’s magic, the $4.00 Get Brassy + Stems option includes the 11 individual, instrumental tracks used in compiling the endeavor.
[iframe style=”border: 0; width: 100%; height: 120px;” src=”” seamless>Get Brassy + Stems by The Madd Wikkid (@mwikkid)]

The Madd Wikkid’s next Brassft Punk performance is slated for August 30 at Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival.
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