Jackson & The Janks. Photo: Jessica Antonick

Local Upstart Mashed Potato Records Announces Show With Tuba Skinny, More

A slew of talented New Orleans artists and musicians are performing Friday, January 12 at the Tigermen Den to promote their label Mashed Potato Records and raise money to put out vinyl and cassette compilations of some of their best work.

Mashed Potato Records is a new recording project, cofounded by New Orleans based musicians Duff Thompson and Sam Doores. Inspired by Alan Lomax’s field recordings and Mississippi Records’ compilations, the new project aims to capture the singular, original music that is so recognizably New Orleans. Recordings are done in analogue in an attempt to capture the bulk of each song in one take, and to allow the raw talent of the musician to shine through. This event will promote artists on the label, as well as garner funding to continue the project in its envisioned form.

The goal of the event is to ”amplify the powerfully eclectic songwriting scene that’s been happening in New Orleans for years,” and to “expose these individual artists to new audiences while allowing Mashed Potato Records to expand, grow, and create new opportunities for artists who are too [often] overlooked.”

The event will showcase up and coming artists such as Tuba Skinny, Jackson & The Janks, Duff Thompson & The Invisible Mans, Pony Hunt and more.  Audience members are encouraged to attend in costume, and “varied mashed potato dishes” will be served. Running from 6-10 p.m., the show has a suggested donation of $10. Tigermen Den is located at 3113 Royal St.

If you cannot make it to the event, you can show your support through the label’s Kickstarter campaign, which can be found here. The campaign will continue after the date of the event on January 12, with a goal of $15,000.